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Teenage Bully Gets What's Due



Difficult residents call for difficult measures. We were sure, just having known this guy for a few weeks, that he was a troublemaker. Not only that, but it seemed that he completely lacked a moral compass. Along with this deficiency comes the resulting issues of lack or respect for authority, and flouting of the rules. In addition to being a slob, we were certain that he was breaking some of the most important rules. When we confronted him, he laughed, playing the whole thing off. Well, a quick trip to the bathroom to get his specimen into the test cup was all we needed to proceed. When he failed (which was really never in doubt), his smile turned around, but only because it suddenly dawned on him what was coming. This teenage bully was about to get what was coming to him - and good. Having just turned 18 a few months ago, he was used to getting a pass. Sure, he had been in and out of trouble for years, but the worst that was ever handed to him was a slap on the wrist. We changed that. Not gonna lie, his dick sucking wasn't that great, but just knowing that my dick was probably the first one he ever had in his mouth made me throb even harder. He grimaced a lot, which frankly I was thinking was all part of his act. He seems to over-react to anything if it has to do with his own discomfort. We were yelling at him, though, and keeping him off guard. It was a good rehabilitation session. Hell, even when I told him to spread his cheeks, and he finally realized the extent of what was about to happen, it just seemed so right that he was getting what was due. He was a difficult virgin to crack open, that's for sure. And he howled like a little wolf cub. But after fucking his sweet 18 year old hole in doggie, mish, and from behind, his moans turned into whimpers. Once I was to the point that I could feel his ass just swelling around my cock, I knew that he had about had enough. I dumped my load on his hole and shoved it deep inside him. Even then, he had a terrified expression on his face. But I just slapped him around a few times more for good measure. I think he is starting to get the message... finally.



Naughty horny twink stroking his boner



Naughty horny twink teasing his boyfriend on webcam by stroking his big long boner



Mate From The Dock Can Sure Drain A Cock



When I first met Elijah Sexton, he talked enthusiastically about being a porn star. More than most young men his age, Elijah seemed hell bent on banging bitches on camera. He even has some self-filmed POV vids on a popular tube site featuring skanks he picked up around town. I suppose the fantasy was a far cry from his day job. He spends a lot of time on the water, and loves boating and fishing. Perhaps when he is out on the deep blue sea it gives him time to think about all of the hot scenes he could be in. I initially tried to get him to come in for some photos, but he declined. It seems he wanted to jump right into male/female sex scenes. So, of course, I waited. I said hi every once in a while, and occasionally he texted me back. After about 9 months of this, he hit me up one day and seemed rather serious about coming in to show me his stuff. I said, "Sure, come on over." I was dubious that he would actually appear, but in fact, he did. I was expecting a more rough and tumble guy given his line of work, but he was prepped out to a "T." I was actually quite pleased to have this preppy looking 21 year old show up. He was nervous, though. A lot of these guys talk a big talk but get nervous when it comes to the walk. He asked for a drink, and he did calm down a little bit. It turns out that he had been dating a girl who was a former porn performer, and she was encouraging him to do some work. (It's not uncommon for these guys to be pushed into this by their girlfriends.) When I offered him a gay4pay scene rather than him just jerking off, he seemed interested in the money, but he actually texted her to ask if it was OK, and if the money was right. I don't know what she texted back, but after the photos were done, when I grabbed his cock he not only let me, but he nutted a few minutes after getting my intimate attention. Wowzers! In my experience most straight guys don't nut easily with another man, and especially not the ones getting regular pussy. But, I suppose I was bringing out Elijah's inner freak. What happened next was even more shocking, though. He started going down on me, and delivered one of the best blowjobs of the year! Not only that, this brand new cum guzzler drained my entire load right into his mouth. That's some pretty advanced work for a young straight boy. Who knew that Elijah had some hidden skills? 

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