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teen boys cocks The last scene of Gay Teen Boys taking their love bath while their parents are still away.



''You callin' me a chick!'' We have two big, thick, juicy and really beautiful cocks in the studio this week. The first 8.5 incher belongs to Andrew, a musician we found in Tampa who loves Jazz and plays the trumpet, piano and guitar. Andrew is our cute, blond, blue eyed, slender bait boy with the ''never ending smile'', we have to say that he's probably the happiest bait boy in the history of BaitBuddies.com. There were only two times we saw the smile go away, once when he's sucking cock and was physically unable to smile and the other time, when he was getting fucked and his smile turns into a look of ecstasy. The second big 8.5 inch schlong, a little thicker than our bait's, belongs to Mike, an athletic brunette who hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Besides having similar cock sizes, both boys are about the same height and neither has an ounce of body fat - you can see every muscle and their sexy six packs and hard, flat bellies. Both are sitting on the couch, Andrew grinning from ear to ear and Mike, a little nervous and staring straight ahead with eyes frozen on the pussy porn Caruso has playing on the studio monitor - and that's pretty much their expressions throughout the entire scene - one serious and one happy go lucky. The boys are told to strip down for their boner ability test, they show off their stuff, and as we said, it's damn good. This is the cue for Caruso to play out the ''girl didn't show'' game. The news delivered and at least one of them disappointed, Caruso offers the guys double the money to have sex with each other. ''Really... really... really!'' says Mike, ''I came here to have sex with a girl''. Caruso doesn't seem to be getting through to this straight dude until he asks him about girls who have sex with each other in porn - ''you think they're all lesbians'', Mike thinks and responds ''no''. And, with a little more convincing from both Caruso and Andrew, who of course is in on it all - but for other reasons than just the money - Mike agrees to give it a go. Andrew, who has been grinning and staring at Mike since he first saw him, reaches over and starts stroking his new buddy's fat cock which gets hard real fast - but Mike's eyes never leave the girlie porn. Andrew then puts Mike's hand on his own monster cock and Mike looks curiously for a moment and starts stroking as his eyes return right back to the porn. It doesn't take long for Andrew to go down on that, we must say very beautiful, cock of Mike's. If Caruso didn't break in to tell Mike, it's now the time for him to return the favor (check out the momentary look of horror on Mike's face), Andrew would've sucked that big ole thing all day. Mike takes it like a champ until he gags, coughs and asks Caruso ''is that enough'', so Caruso lets him off the hook and moves the boys on to a frot/cock2cock session. This is when Andrew takes the opportunity to pull Mike in for a kiss, Mike pulls back rejecting his first gay kiss, but Andrew doesn't let up and before long they're into a full blown and might we say, pretty long, make out session. Caruso asks ''was that OK?'', Mike says ''it's a little weird, but yes''. Caruso then asks ''who's getting fucked?''... Mike quickly blurts out ''not me!'' - of course not, Andrew was determined to have Mike's big, straight boy cock up his hot little butt since he first laid eye's on him. All lubed and condomed up, the boys are ready to go, but there are two close ups to look for here. First, there's a super hot shot of Mike sitting and his big, thick cock standing straight up against his fat free, rock hard belly - second, as Andrew goes to sit down on Mike's cock, a shot of his chubbed up 8.5 incher hanging down to within a just a few inches of his knee! So, Andrew, a self proclaimed bottom boy, easily impales himself on Mike's big boy and humps that thing for all it worth until Caruso tells them to change positions. Caruso now seeing the even bigger grin on Andrew's face, says to Mike ''I think he loves your dick'' to which Mike replies ''most chicks usually do''. This is quickly followed by Andrew saying ''you callin' me a chick (with that big grin across his face). ''I have nothing else to compare it to'' says Mike. Andrew flips on his back and Mike goes at him missionary style just like Andrew is some blond hair, blue eyed pussy slut he'd normally be fucking... and Andrew is loving it! You guys already know how this fuck is gonna end, but be sure to watch ''After the Shoot'' to find out what happens when Andrew has sex in his parents' bed and why Mike puts his cock into a toilet paper roll!


Brian plays the tease to pretty much everyone he meets. The 22 year old is very 'body confident' as he tells Brendon in his interview. Trips to the local nude beach always stroke his ego. Cute, with reddish brown hair, Brian can't wait to get naked. He's got something to show off and damn if he isn't right about that. It's a wonder he doesn't pass out when the blood rushes to his huge, bulbous dick. Brendon helps him along by lubing up the monster cock and sitting ringside for the main event.

 Piss loving twink Kayden Daniels lays out by the pool and hoses himself down before rubbin out a hot load! Kayden rinses in another one of his hot streams of piss and guzzles it too!

gay men sucking off Have you ever checked what's going on in a Gay Club's Toilet Cabin? We have!





young teen boys in tub See what these dissolute young gay twinks do with each other while their parents are at work.


Sometimes it’s a little difficult to find hot guys that I’m into who are willing to fuck on camera, and sometimes I get lucky and it just happens. However, I have been trying to get a daddy on film since I started recording my hookups over a year ago. For some reason it’s a harder to get the more experienced gents to show off. Well lo and behold a few weeks ago I was playing around on Scruff and I saw this wicked sexy Australian daddy who was just a couple miles away. The porn gods must have been smiling down upon me that day because all I had to say was “Fuckin wooooof…Looking for guys to film and fuck,” and he was on his way to my place. His only stipulation was that he didn’t want to ditch his buddy who he was visiting so the buddy had to come along. I’m always down for an audience and was happy to have someone else to hold the camera. They had been coming from having drinks so the Aussie was a smidge intoxicated but I figured it was all the better to have my way with him. After a little inebriated conversation we started going at it in front of his buddy. It didn’t take long for our audience member/camera man to whip out his fat cock and start jerking. Then the buddy got a little greedy and started to join in, but I share well so I didn’t mind. When it came to the fucking I was so pumped that the Aussie was down to take me raw (Having a hot daddy beg for my load with an Australian accent has to be one of the hottest things I’ve ever heard in my life). After I have my way with the Aussie’s hole and push in my load, his buddy swoops in and starts banging him out. Then the buddy breeds the Aussie’s ass so I get all riled up again and get back in there and drop my second load into his used hole. Definitely one of the hottest random hookups I’ve ever had.




naked teen boys in the bath tab The Next Part of Amateur Bathing Teen Boys. Here we have some hard scenes... Enjoy!


We open on Niko, Shea and Tito lathering up in the shower -- and things are already off to a great start. Niko and Shea are soaping up Tito, and all of the guys are already half-hard and on their way to erection heaven. Seeing their bodies glisten under the water is something else, I tell you -- it's very sexy.

As they rub and grope each other, Shea leans in for a kiss from Niko, and he responds, and the guys start making out. Meanwhile, Tito reaches around to give Niko a helping hand with his dick, and everybody is hard now. We make sure to pan up and down to get a nice, long look at their bodies -- and their amazing legs. There's a lot of body worship here, and I don't blame them one bit! These boys have got muscles for days, especially Niko and Shea, who I could watch rolling around all afternoon. lol.

Tito encourages the guys to get down on their knees to service his dick, and they oblige. Shea and Niko take turns slurping down Tito's dick, licking and and stroking him good. 'You like sharing that dick, huh?' Tito says, and Shea responds with a mouthful of cock, 'Mmmhmmm.'

Tito turns around, feeding Shea his dick in full, while Niko dives between Tito's ass cheeks with his mouth. While licking and probing Tito's ass, Niko jerks off Shea, and then dips down to start blowing him, too. These guys get into more positions than a pretzel.

A position change ensues, with Niko blowing a standing Tito, while Shea is down on his knees, servicing Niko. Soon, we've changed positions again, and Tito is down between Niko and Shea, servicing both guys.

Niko takes it to the next level, as he gets down on his knees and starts sucking both Tito and Shea at the same time, shoving both of their dicks into his mouth. It's Shea's turn to get down on his knees, as he works over Niko and Tito (while Niko licks and kisses on Tito's neck and chest). We've yet to see Tito kiss a guy, but I'll give Niko props on trying his darndest to get Tito to give him some sugar. lol.

'Which one of you guys wants to fuck me first?' Niko says. Tito is the first responder, and we immediately cut to Niko bent over the bath, while Tito is pounding him from behind. Meanwhile, Niko is moaning and groaning while sucking on Shea, who is perched on the tub in front of Niko.

Soon, it's time for a switch, as Shea takes on Tito's ass (while Niko watches intently on the side, slapping Shea's ass for encouragement). 'I wanna get fucked too,' Niko tells Shea, who pulls straight out of Tito and goes directly over to Niko's ass and plows in. 'You like it when he fucks your little ass?' Tito asks Niko, in his deep voice. All Niko can do is pants 'uh huh,' since he's got a mouthful of Tito's dick and he's being rammed from behind.

It's Shea's turn to get plowed, as Tito is doing the honors. Shea is a quivering, moaning mess as he gets fucked to high heaven by Tito. Tito straddles Shea, grabs onto his legs, hoists them in the air, and goes to town, fucking him hard. It isn't long before Shea groans that he's going to cum, and he starts starts shooting while Tito is fucking him. Then Tito barks that he's going to cum, and quickly pulls out, yanks off his condom and starts shooting a major load all over Shea. Niko is the last to shoot, as he sends streams of cum all over Shea's face and chin.


A little chit-chat with director Kaden follows, as the guys have a laugh to close out scene.
Kaden's directing this scene, and he says that we've got a new guy in our midst -- James! Kaden knows that James has probably been around the block, and jokes that he won't press him to tell all of his 'secrets,' and the guys get a good chuckle out of that. Kaden steps out of the room and lets the guys get comfortable.

Tito asks James what kind of porn he's into. James says 'the nasty kind.' Ha! They're looking at some off-camera porn, and James says 'she's a whore … but I guess we are too!' The gents are all smiles as they strip off their shirts. 'Making me pretty hard,' James says, as he gestures at the movie. 'Let me see,' Tito says. And away we go!

Tito starts to jerk James, and James reacts loudly -- moaning and groaning at Tito's machinations. Tito moves around a bit to get up on his knees, and in doing so, he gives James easy access to slap Tito's ass a bit. We can see Tito's dick tenting in his black briefs something fierce, too. Kaden hasn't even come back in the room yet, and these guys are off and running!

James is a vocal dude, so if you love moaning and groaning and and barking of orders -- you're gonna just love James. Kaden gets some interesting angles -- especially with the cool use of a mirror in the background. Tito's mouth gets a serious workout, as he sucks James seven ways to Sunday.

After the oral action is over with, it's time for the fucking, as James lays into Tito hard from behind. The guys work through a bunch of positions -- and James is relentless in his pounding of Tito. But Tito stays nice and hard throughout -- even when he's straddled atop James as he bounces up and down in the air.

The guys eventually climax -- with James commanding Tito to shoot his load -- as Tito blows while being fucked. Then James shoots his load all over Tito's torso -- and it's a gusher!

As the guys finish up and are chatting with Kaden on the bed, James jokes that there were 'fireworks, man,' between he and Tito. Even a chuckling Tito knows James is laying on the bullshit a bit thick. But in all seriousness, the guys had a great time, and we know they'll be back for more.

two naked soldiers in bathroom Kind of old (2007) amateur video with Russian soldiers having a "shower" session. Enjoy these young muscled soldiers' wet bodies.