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Colby Jansen, Johnny Rapid, Tom Faulk and Topher DiMaggio are all at the gym during a brutal snow storm. Johnny tries to leave but, baby it's cold outside, he decides to stay. When the lights go out, the pants come off and the guys spend the night fucking and sucking in the locker room!

Since his boyfriend (Connor Kline) was reported dead Travis James is facing Christmas alone. When the doorbell rings he can't believe his eyes, it's a Christmas miracle - Connor is home for the holidays! The guys waste no time and start screwing.

Straight jock Jeremy jerks it in a Santa hat & long johns


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naked guy playing guitar Watch this short amateur video of a alternative guy playing his electric guitar totally nude. Make sure your sound is on!

 straight man being jerked off on massageThe last video of "Massaging Straight Men" movie. Hope you enjoyed this hidden cam videos with straight men being massaged by gay masseur.

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Even though the city center - especially the Wenceslas Square - is crowded with young tourists I almost never stopped one. But today when I checked an area which is not so popular amongst tourist I met a British or American boy. He seemed quite nice but he was too worried or just arrogant to pay attention to my offers. Who knows. Then I met a cool guy who run butt-naked through a crowded street. For 1.000 crowns. And when I saw his friend coming along I thought I met an angel. A real cutie with a heard-braking smile. And as he moved from Ostrava to Prague for his studies he was interested in making money. And I wasn`t a miser this time. I decided for myself: this boy is gonna be mine.

"Got my three favorite victims here," jokes Active Duty's guest director Mike as we open on this hot three way scene with Drew, Vic and Wayne. Mike lets the guys get comfortable and the action moves naturally, starting with the 3 muscular guys stripping down. Wayne grabs Drew's rod, Drew grabs Vic's pole, and we've got a little daisy-chain of jerking action. Soon, Drew has leaned over to take Vic's member in his mouth, while Wayne continues to work Drew over with his hand. It isn't long before Drew has relinquished Vic's rod and moved over to Wayne's member, to give him some oral attention.  Before too long, Wayne gets up on his knees and Drew is down on all fours in front of him. Vic slides up behind Drew and starts to slip his hard pole in. Drew is soon a grunting, moaning mess, as Vic thrusts into him from behind. All the while, Drew is filled from both ends, with Vic in his rear and Wayne in his mouth. "Ah yeah, suck that..." Wayne growls at Drew.  It isn't long before Vic is blowing his load all over Drew's back. But wait, there's more! Now it's Wayne's turn at Drew's hole, as he mounts Drew from the back. Drew is babbling incoherently now, telling Wayne how he wants his "big load" and how he likes that. Eventually Wayne can't take it anymore and pulls out and starts shooting his load all over Drew's lower back. The scene closes with Drew and Wayne, side-by-side. Drew jerks out his own load after Wayne has helped him along a bit and it's a wrap!

Ashley is a sexy blue-eyed straight lad whose whole life revolves around sex. Although he’s still young and very fit looking he’s one of the most experienced men we’ve seen in the Casting Room. He started early in life stripping and getting off from being adored. It’s easy to see why the crowds love him. As a disciplined gym-goer and martial artist he has a perfectly-built muscular body, sexy pert arse and dirty-hot look in his eyes. Since he is such a versatile guy it will be interesting to see if we can be the first ones to tarnish that dominant image he’s so proud of and get a cock in his mouth.

massaging horny manThe next Massage Video Episode: a married man appears on the massage board. But even he couldn't stand professional gay masseur's nimble hands, because they know how to please a man...
A guy caught wanking in the shower It's nice to take a shower after training at the gym. But you never know if some bastards hide a spy cam somewhere in the cabin.



 No, the title ''Lady Lips'' doesn't refer to those nasty things you're probably thinking, but more about that in a moment. This week's new Bait boy is Austyn who just happens to be from Dallas, Texas. Austyn is a regular college dude, a BaitBuddies.com fan who likes sex with masculine dudes, the ''man's man'' type and mostly straight guys. Well, for sure he's in the right place, because we have Lucas, a super hot, masculine,hunky, beefy stud of a straight man for him to turn out. Check out Lucas' body - it's beefy, firm and built big at 6' with huge thighs and a big bubble butt and just enough body hair to make you go nuts... not to mention his 8 thick inches of cock. Lucas is stripped down, didling his cock while watching porn in the studio, and that has him horned up and ready for some busty, blond pussy he thinks right around the bend. Hate to disappoint you Lucas, but the blond pussy was in a minor accident and Caruso just can't seem to find a replacement for her - we're all heart broken about that - LOL.  Caruso tells Lucas that if he wants to go home with paycheck the only thing left to do was to make a video with the only models in the studio right then - himself and Austyn. Lucas is pretty disgusted and picks up his clothes to take off - no gay shit for him.  But, hold on, Caruso explains that it's just business and in porn these things happen and you have to be ready to roll with the punches. Lucas says he never even thought of having sex with a dude, but was soon acquiescing to Caruso's request as he sees Austyn is going along with it and anyway, he needs the cash - so the boys get down to business. It starts out slowly with Austyn, our gay boy, stroking Lucas' big cock and eventually sucking him until he's hard. The guys then take a break for some ''sword fighting'', they rub their hard cocks together. Lucas notices that Austyn is dripping precum like crazy and says it makes it slippery and feels good. He speculates as to why he doesn't make any of the goop himself, his reasoning results in a few giggles from Caruso. Next thing you know, Austyn is pulling this straight boy in for his first very gay kiss and Lucas gets into it. So much so, that his hand moves to the back of Austyn's head and pulls him in for more. When the kiss is over, Lucas says ''he has lady lips'', Austyn seems to take a little offense, to which Lucas says ''I mean they're soft''.  Now we know why he kept that kiss going - he felt like he was making out with a chick. So, Lucas is in the moment, horny and just wanting sex... and the next obvious step is to have him suck his first cock - and that he does by going down on his new buddy, Austyn. He has a great sense of humour, so Caruso takes a chance and tells him he's now a cocksucker - which we're pretty sure he found amusing, especially since he started his day all pumped up about eating and fucking some hot porn star pussy. Next we get down to some hardcore fucking. Caruso has Lucas check out Austyn's butt which he says looks pretty good. Actually, later he tells Caruso that the worst thing was looking at a dude's butt, but the best thing was being inside of it - obviously Lucas is a bit conflicted in his new role. Anyway, down to business as Lucas penetrates Austyn's wet, pulsing asshole with his 8 inches filling it nicely as can be seen by the expression on the bottom boy's face. Lucas pounds the daylights out of Austyn who then shoots a huge load all over himself. Caruso tells Lucas ''You made a dude cum!'' to which the straight boy replies ''That's too weird''. Yet, he jacks himself off to his own explosive nut - so much so that it hits Austyn in the face and even Caruso behind the camera! During the editing, Caruso does a slow motion version of the cum shot so that you guys can see the detail of his massive shower of spooge as it flies all over the place. Caruso points out the huge orgasm was without a girl - Austyn says ''yeah, what about her?''  At this point, Lucas, still breathing hard, says ''Who cares, I need a sandwich!''... and we couldn't agree more!!!


This scene just gets nasty, that's the only way to describe it. Archie is the rough looking character from BLAST OFF just a couple of months ago, and when he came sniffing around the studio again, a light bulb lit up over Brendon's head. Pulling Brent into the studio in a matter of hours, Brendon teams two of the horniest studs he knows into his own fantasy menage a trios. Brent has the bigger cock, but Archie has the straight bona fides and before this day is over, Brendon gets fucked jailhouse style. Archie plugs him while sucking on Brent's monster dick. You need a program to keep the players straight, but the final score is off the charts!

Wrestling for Cock