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This weeks super hot, super straight boy Ryan is here for his first ever porn shoot and by his own words, it's gonna be CRAZY. The furthest thing from his mind this day was having sex with a dude. This macho, confident stud tells Caruso he'll be good for porn because he has a big cock, he likes having sex and he likes bitches. And, when you see his handsome face, his muscles, his giant muscular thighs, his bubble  butt and his hard cock - you'll know he means it when he says the bitches love him. Caruso pairs him up with Bait boy Sean Duran. Sean provided his services for us the first time several months ago. Now he's back - bigger and better than ever. He's obviously been spending lots of time in the gym buffing up. Add his new muscles, his gorgeous blue eyes and handsome face (looks a little like Puckerman from Glee), hot, hard bubble butt and big 7.5'' cock and you have the perfect masculine hunk to pair up with Ryan. You'll notice that Sean can't keep his eyes off of Ryan (...who can?) and that's no act - as you will see, he can't wait to get his hands on him. When Sean pulls his jeans off, he's so turned on that he's already 3/4 of the way to a full boner. So, the guys are now stripped down and watching pussy porn with two big rock hard cocks and Caruso delivers the bad news - the girl isn't coming. Before he can even say why, Ryan jumps up and is ready to leave. Caruso calms he down and eventually explains to Ryan that there is an alternative, and that is to have sex with Sean. Ryan won't hear of it, he tells Caruso he's straight and he's just not doing it. After some negotiations and with Sean's encouragement that it's just part of the business, he agrees to let Sean touch him, but absolutely defiant when it came to the idea of fucking a dude. Sean is all too happy to get his hands on Ryan any way he can, no matter the limitations, so he starts giving straight boy Ryan a handjob.  Ryan gets hard, but watch how nervous and uncomfortable he is and he won't reciprocate. He just keeps saying, over and over again ''this is crazy''.  Sean then starts sucking Ryan's 8'' cock and Ryan seems to be liking it. He's even pushing down on Sean's head a bit. Sean is totally into sucking this prime meat off and when Ryan indicates he's getting close, Sean puts his head on the stud's belly and waits with a wide open mouth as Ryan finishes himself off and shoots a huge, spurting load which Sean enthusiastically swallows and later describes as ''sweet''. Sean then jacks his own beautiful cock and when Ryan says ''this is crazy - I never watched another dude cum'' the words trigger Sean's hot orgasm and he splashes a hot, creamy load up on his own taut belly. CRAZY!




Cute young straight boy Jack at TheCastingRoom has always thought about doing porn before but never had the opportunity. He has a muscular well-defined body, a sexy tight untouched ass and a cheeky smile. It’s a waste to leave a guy who is as sexy as this to work in fast food. A body this hot should be immortalized on camera before he gets married and fills out. Up until now he’s only been captured naked on camera phones when his girlfriend sucks him off. This is the first full coverage of his cock and magnificent ass.

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Newbie Dwight wants to show everyone he's got the right stuff

Construction worker Zeb towers over scruffy co-worker Landon

Pool Shark Brandon Lewis throws a $100 bet to build up Johnny Rapid's confidence in a devious plan to make the bet of a lifetime. Johnny falls for the trap and finds out he lost his ass! Brandon gets blown by Johnny before turning him around and bending him over to fuck his tight hole!

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How many times have we seen a straight guy pull down his pants, flip out his big cock and balls and see that he put a ring on it? Well, never, but this straight guy, AJ, has the straight guy shaved pubes (they're always late to the party - gay guys are now back to au naturale) and is wearing a cockring. Caruso is a bit taken aback and asks ''why the ring?''.  AJ says he was preparing for the gang bang he was promised. In the long run, it makes no difference to us that this 6'1'' 24 year hold hunk wears a cock ring - it makes his almost 8'' thick cock get hard fast. AJ is one of these happy go lucky types, the guy you just like for no specific reason. He tells Caruso he thinks he'd be good for doing porn because of his good looks and his hot body. And, you know what - he's right! He has very short blond hair, a handsome masculine face that sports a great smile, a swimmers build with a great chest, long legs with big thighs and a cute bubble butt. Our gay bait boy, Sammy, who's getting paid to have sex with AJ, knows he's lucky to have shown up for this shoot, because the next time he gets something this hot, he'll be paying for it!  So, AJ, a former gymnast, is worked up, hard as a rock and horny to fuck when Caruso delivers the news that the girl didn't show. When offered double the money to have sex with Sammy he's pretty adamant about not doing it. It takes quite a bit of convincing for him to finally give in and give it a shot. Watch him back away and go ''eew, eew'' when Sammy grabs for his dick the first time. Yet, it doesn't take him long to get hard with Sammy slurping away on his cock. When it's his turn to suck Sammy's cock it's obvious that he not only didn't enjoy it, but is a terrible cocksucker - barely puts the thing in his mouth. Finally, he puts half of it in, gags and then stops. The kissing isn't going so well either. Every time Sammy tries to kiss him, he gets AJ's cheek, but finally there's just a little kissing which AJ doesn't much like. Even though those things don't go too well, when it comes to fucking, AJ is the pro he claims to be. He slips on the condom, sticks his big ass, straight boy cock up Sammy's butt and fucks that dude real good! He even gives Sammy a helping hand. Sammy finally blows a huge load, and as AJ fucks him harder, Sammy just keeps on cumming - splattering his entire chest from one end to the other. AJ pulls off the rubber and rubs one out that's as big as AJ's load as he splatters him up to the neck. So, would our straight boy do this again, Caruso asks? Sure enough, just let him put a ring on it!


Even a great top needs to start at the bottom. For Christian Wilde — the top star who took his first dick in the Golden Gate series finale — that means a little warm up session before the big shoot. Of course, NakedSword Originals was there, and we brought the toys with us. In this special bonus exclusive, Christian Wilde starts exploring his ass with an assortment of toys to help him overcome any nervousness about his first-time bottoming. Go with NakedSword and watch as Christian finally loosens up and learns to take it like a man!

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