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 young boy wanking in publicYou probably know how those guys from Czech Republic do with straight teenagers (if not look here). Exactly, they pay them money and make them do gay things. We decided to do the same in our local market. We found a cute guy and gave him cash and he in his turn jerked off on cam. New experience in other words.

‘Terry’s Foreskin’
Fulfilling a member's request, Terry plays with his foreskin, pulling it back and forth along his sleepy cock. He gives it a firm tug too, showing you how far above his helmet his foreskin stretches too. Any fans of docking, where an uncut guy stretches his forekin out and wraps it over the head of another cock, will love Terry's gift.
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‘Scott Shearer’
Scotty boy is a muscular, handsome young stud who thinks nothing of strutting through his garden stark bollock naked. His brother Matthew, and their mates trailing behind, seize the opportunity to lob a missile right onto his tight, firm butt cheek, leaving a huge blister. But Scott is a tough lad, and up for a laugh. He giggles it off as the other boys admire his sexy as fuck arse from up close.
Don't wait forever to plunder the private photo albums of straight athletes. We've done it for you! Wherever the secretive little bastards hide there photos it makes no matter. WE make it our mission to discover their passwords, "friend" them, become part of their online network ...whatever it takes. We'll get our hands on their most precious and private photos and publish them here for you. Whether it be boys just turned 18, college jocks in their early 20s or hairy-chested muscular men who should know better, we leave no stone unturned to bring you the pictures they thought only THEY would ever ever see.

‘Russian Soldiers Fucking’
Horny young Russian soldiers need to release their tight balls every now and then, and it is common practice for a senior commander to drag a local whore out to the middle of a field for his soldiers to have fun with. We all know they would rather be enjoying each other, but with manly love frowned upon in the archaic Russian military, fat sluts will have to do.
When time is up however, as with all military precision, the commander is quick to pull the plug and get his troop back to base!***Naked Army medicals. Combat training. Fit American soldiers. Navy. Airforce. Vintage Military photos. Naked pics in the barracks. Washing in the field.Army medicals: prime young men stripped naked and forced to achieve test requirements under the watchful eyes of stern doctors. Combat training: building the perfect human weapon, a fit, strong serviceman who will put his body on the line for others. Washing in the field: make-shift outdoor showers with limited water and zero privacy. From Vietnam to Afghanistan: the American soldier and his gun. Vintage military: the biggest collection of secret historical evidence. Wehrmacht generals enjoying their naked comrades. WW2. Vietnam. Back at the barracks; military men releasing the tensions of war.  This is no hollywood movie version of the army, the navy and the air force. This is 100% real military videos and photos, sourced and collected by wartime experts. Built up over decades. Prep your weapon and join rank. That's an order!


 Your first 3-way is a big step in your sexual evolution. Rado is a mechanic working on a broken down tractor when Mattias comes in and offers a helping hand. Of course that hand wanders to everything but the tractor. The mechanics are soon removing each other’s uniforms to reveal their perfectly sculpted muscular bodies and rock hard cocks. Mattias goes down on Rado first and Rado quickly picks up the tempo and begins fucking Mattias’ face. Valentino admits he is no angel, but there is one thing he has not yet experienced. He stumbles across our two mechanics and decides it is time to learn to suck two cocks at the same time. Although he has never done this before, you have to give him credit for the great effort he puts into it. Our mechanics then treat Valentino to another first, having his cock sucked and his ass eaten at the same time. The sensation of being pleasured from both sides of his body drives him mad with desire. Our mechanics now treat Valentino to another first, being in the middle. Valentino takes Mattias from behind while Rado takes Valentino from behind. Valentino never knew such an amazing sensation could exist, fucking and being fucked at the same time was just so incredible to him. Finding his rhythm in the middle takes a little time, but once he has it there is no turning back. Who knew your cock and ass could be pleasured so perfectly at the exact same time. Mattias is not missing one beat of this action and is soon delivering his hot load as Valentino and Rado continue the fucking. Valentino loves the sensation of Mattias’ ass milking his cock while his ass is being pounded and releases his load onto Mattias’ thighs. Rado is the next to erupt his huge load that his heavy swinging balls had been building up. A 3-way can be the hottest experience of your life, as long as you know where to line up in the train.

I was a bit late that day and therefore in a hurry. My idea was to make a nice movie in the park. With some blond boy. Now, as the sun already set I realized that I had to change my plans. The park was almost empty just a small pub was still open. I took a peak through the window but nothing cute. Nothing adorable. I just wanted to go back to the city centre when I saw a young guy leaving this place. I wasn‘t sure if he would be attractive or suitable at all. But I tried my luck. He wasn‘t very talkative. But when he saw my bills he agreed to dance around a lamp in the snow. Naked of course. A promising start.

When Active Duty's Bailey does a great job servicing first timer Silas, Sy tells Dink that he's got to get his buddy Archer to experience this. So, this time Active Duty featured Archer (who appeared in a solo back in May and has even more amazing abs and thighs now) being filmed by his friend Sy as he has his first sexual experience with a guy (Bailey). At the end Archer tells Bailey that he was "amazing" and Sy (who filmed) tells Dink that "It was very, very hot."

nude man walks along Not sure where this video was taken, probably Mardigras or any Gay Pride. But it's always pleasant to watch nude fit men. Enjoy!

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  Is there anything more enjoyable than a good oily rubdown courtesy of a horny handsome stud? Certainly young Tim Walker doesn't seem to be able to think of anything, that's for sure - indeed, the tent in his towel appears to suggest that he's more than impressed with John Parker's efforts on the massage front. Then again, how many masseurs are prepared to be quite as "hands-on" as Parker is here? Or who have sexy mates like Kevin Ateah, who are only too willing and eager to join in the fun ...?

Diesel O'Green is having a tough time in the recording studio when hit-maker Paul Walker steps in to show him how to make magic. Paul feeds his straight dick to cock hungry Diesel before giving his ass a well good fucking!


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See the last part of this amateur video with naked Ukrainian soldiers in the bath house. Enjoy.