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Things kick off with Kaden, Dorian, Conrad and Payne in the hot tub relaxing. It doesn't take long before Payne jumps in the pool to cool off a little. He starts cutting backflips off the waterfall and doing cannonballs. Dorian follows his lead and decides to cool off too. And the chain reaction starts. All the boys are in the pool and they are all doing backflips off the waterfall trying to outdo one another. A game of chicken ensues and it's Kaden and Dorian against Payne and Conrad.

After the chicken fights are over, Dorian declares he's lost his power bottom status since his team ultimately lost with his comrade on his shoulders. They head into the house and the clothes quickly come off. Won't be long now before the real power bottom stands up.

Dorian finds Payne in the living room drinking a beer and stroking his hard uncut jewel. Dorian joins him on the couch and loses his towel to enjoy the movie. It's a Saturday Matinee at Dink's place and you all know what's playing. Payne's cock is hard as a brick as he takes another sip of his beer. He loves to play with his cock and admire it. He seems fascinated by his cock like it's the first time he discovered he had one. Kaden and Conrad join them with their beers and Dorian says let's see what comes up. The glances start as the troops size up their comrades and their guns. You know right away this is going to be one hell of a time. Dorian says the beer goes well with the porn. They joke some more about Dorian's power bottom status and Conrad gives a sly grin and says "Things are about to change." Conrad had made up his mind that he was going to bottom that day.