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If you think you can make big money by playing roulette, you're wrong. Even if you are from a well-off family as this young guy was. He "borrowed" his mother's savings and bet it all on red. Fifty-fifty chance, right? When he realized what he had done, he called for my expertise. His mother was on holidays and I was his only hope to get money in time. We had the whole apartment for ourselves. I like when I don't have to rush. I can't tell if he felt bad about what he had done or if he was just afraid of his mom getting angry. He told me he never stole money before. I didn't care, only important thing was my cock getting harder and harder. The guy looked so cute and gentle. Especially, his hair was surprisingly sexy. I couldn't wait to cum on that pretty face.




This boy lost his job because of his drunk boss tried to seduce his girlfriend at a company party. He defended his girl and the boss held a grudge against him ever since. In following weeks the situation escalated so much that he left the company. He loved his girlfriend very deeply and wanted to start a life together. So he came to my office seeking for a better job. He was totally broke but I liked his optimism and smile. He was so nice I even offered him a job near the place he lived. But first he had to entertain me. It was a extremely long and boring day so I needed a lot of entertainment. Don't worry, he was doing just fine. If nothing, he learned a few new bed moves. Too bad he probably won't be able to use them to impress his girlfriend.




I guess you would have to be Czech to fully appreciate people from small towns. They all have this cute accent that makes them sound like twats and they are always totally broke, which makes them much easier and cheaper to hunt than ordinary boys from Prague. This gorgeous guy was from such a shithole and he came to Prague to visit his girlfriend who lived and worked here. He was a bit uneasy about me hanging around but he was nice enough to talk. I was willing to invest a fortune in him. I could tell he had an amazing body, I just needed to get him out of that T-shirt. Fortunately, his girlfriend left lent him the keys from her apartment. I think the little pervert actually enjoyed doing all those things with me in her apartment without her knowing.






Few guys are of the same caliber as Harper. His insatiable appetite for cock is unmatched, and what he does when he gets it is indescribable! Harper truly loves sex and it shows in every facial expression and moan, as well as his enthusiasm when he's face-to-face with hard throbbing dick! Brant, Cameron, Cort, and Jacob get a lucky go with dark-haired and well-built Harper. From the way load after load shoots out of them at the hands of Harper, we can tell they have as much of a crush on him as we do!




Elder Stewart is the newest, and youngest, member of The Order. And the older men who administer the erotic rites of this secret Mormon priesthood have tasked the attractive boy with recruiting other potential initiates. His first assignment is to investigate the mission’s newest Mormon boy, Elder Sorensen. He has been shown pictures of Sorensen, and Stewart thinks the greenie might just be the cutest missionary he has ever seen. He gives his new companion a good look at his gorgeous butt, and then starts to cover it back up, as if he’s just horsing around.  He spreads the boy’s legs and pushes them up in the air, then brings his face in close to his round ass. He licks first the boy’s big ballsack, and then works over his hole with his pink tongue. Stewart moans, eager for the other boy to slide his rock hard cock in.



As Assistant to the President, Elder Miller enjoys a lot of special privileges. He has more access to the other missionaries in his mission. They look up to him, and he can go on splits with any missionary of his choosing.  Since his initiation, his interactions with the brethren have taught him a good deal about The Order. And he has been rewarded with additional authority over the other boys in the mission.  And it’s not hard to see why The Order would single out Elder Miller — he has a great body, a handsome face, and he loves to get his perfect ass drilled.





NakedSword's Top Ten Most Watched Orgies!



Muscle God, Michael Roman stands blindfolded and angry, trapped on top of a wooden platform. His arms and legs have been tied to the wall with black rope. He struggles to get free as Cesar Xes walks up and starts to tease the captive muscle monster. Cesar pinches Roman's nipples and plays with his cock, rubbing on the outside of his leather jock. Roman tells Cesar that if he ever gets free, he's gonna get him back good. Cesar laughs it off and gets on his knees and sucks Roman's cock. After Cesar has his way with Mr. Roman, he goes off to get some water to drink. Just as Cesar turns his back to take a sip of water, Roman wriggles out of his restraints, sneaks up on Cesar and grabs him with his strong arms. Roman lifts Cesar in the air by his neck and puts him over his shoulder and spanks his ass hard multiple times. He puts Cesar on his knees and fucks his mouth with his hard cock. In the next scene, Roman has Cesar's body fully suspended with a web of black rope. Roman gets his leather flogger and hits Cesar all over his body turning his skin pink. Next, Roman bends Cesar over and shoves his big hard cock in his ass. He pounds Cesar's ass deep and hard while in a full suspension and Cesar loves every inch of it. Roman lowers Cesar to the ground and puts a spider-gag in his mouth, followed by his cock. He sticks his leather gloved hand inside Cesar's mouth and Cesar licks it. Roman removes the gag and jerks Cesar's dick, making Cesar blow a huge load all over his own body. Roman takes off one of his gloves, shoves it in Cesar's mouth, and cums on his face.






Robin Valej is in charge of Airport Security when the sexy Aron Ros is sent in for inspection. Robin checks Aron luggage, finding some sex toys. This gives Robin some ideas and he soon has his cock out and is pushing it into Aron's mouth. As Aron suck on that cock Robin bares his chest. Then both of them get naked, with Robin laying on the table for Aron to continue sucking him. Once Robin is satisfied with how Aron suck his he moves on to something more, bending Aron over to check his ass. He inserts a toy into that sexy ass. Once the ass is opened enough Robin slides his dick deep inside and fucks Aron. As he fucks that hot hole Robin has Aron turn over onto his back, so he can wank himself as he takes the cock. Aron loves the feeling of cock in his ass and quickly shoots his hot cum all over his belly. Then Robin moves him again, so that he is kneeling on the chair, taking that dick deep in his hole again. Robin keeps up the fucking until his balls tighten and he is ready to shoot. He pulls out and releases his creamy load all over Aron's sexy ass.






When the doorbell rings, Jason is kneeling beside Owen, who is lying on the couch going through Bound & Gagged and idly playing with Jason's dick. Jason's hands are still tied, and his mouth still gagged; he also wears a wide leather collar around his neck, with one of Owen's boots hanging from it. Owen sends Jason to open the door, despite his tied hands, and after Jason has admitted an astonished Austin, and shut the door behind him, Owen orders Jason to his knees and tells Austin to take off Jason's gag and the hanging boot as well. Owen informs Jason that when Austin is with them he’s Austin's slave, too. Owen makes Jason kiss Austin's sneakers. Austin knows how to handle submissives, and gets right into it. He orders Jason to spit on his sneakers then lick the spit up. Owen loves this. He offers Austin a blowjob from Jason who, he tells Austin, will do anything he, Owen, tells him to. Austin unzips his fly and gives Dean his cock to suck. Owen controls Jason's head as Jason sucks Austin's cock; Owen also plays with Jason's nipples and spanks his ass. Austin slaps and spits on Jason as he gets his blowjob. After a while, Owen tells Jason to get him and Austin a drink, and he and Austin go into the livingroom where Austin goes down on him. Owen is soon controlling Edwards' head. Jason returns. Owen has him set the beers down and lick his nipples, then his pits, while Austin sucks his cock. Owen tells Austin to take off his clothes. A moment later Owen is kneeling over Austin who sucks his cock as Jason eats his ass. Austin gets a chair and they rope-tie Jason into it. Owen gives Jason 15 minutes to get free, or be punished. Owen and Austin continue having sex as Jason struggles. Owen tells Austin how much Jason is dying for a taste of his dick; they jerk off together, watching Dean struggling to get free and drooling around his gag. Austin, about to cum, jumps up and cums on Jason, whose chair falls over backwards. Owen comes over and cums on Jason as he lies on the floor, still tied to the chair. Owen checks the time; fifteen minutes has passed, Jason's going to get punished.


Do your eyes deceive you? Could this little hottie in the studio be legal? Yup! 18 years old and sassy as hell, Dale may look like he should be in Civics class, but he's a graduate! College is not for him, so it's straight to the real world. This yummy young man is putty in Brendon's hands, following the slightest nuances and responding to the older man's caresses. Alabaster skin, fuzzy brown pubes and a face so cute it makes Brendon's knees weak, Dale becomes the ideal lover, open to kisses and having his rock hard dick sucked. This scene will keep you up nights!



Brett Bradley and his 9'' beast of a cock is just one of the guys who became a gay4pay porn star after being turned out at BaitBuddies.com three years ago. Brett is a straight, Ft Lauderdale, redneck, pussyhound with a ripped, fatless body and a huge, thick 9'' cock. Now, this video was shot a while ago and at the time he had never been fucked by a dude, he never even had a girl play with his hole nor has he ever thought about it or put anything including his finger in his butt. Caruso knew this had to change, so when Brett calls for more work, Caruso tells him he will have to Bait a Straight and get fucked in his ass. So, Brett being curious about anal sex anyway, decided to take Caruso up on the deal and even practiced a bit on some butthole play using toys. Here he is on the couch with our new straight boy Zach, another redneck local, who's slender and specially selected for his nice sized 6.5'' cock, perfect for Brett's first fuck. The boys have passed the 'boner' test by getting rock hard really fast, of course the test is supposedly done to see if they can perform with the lights and camera in their faces. So, now they only have to wait for Caruso to bring the girl on set to start making the video. However, our girl fails to show up and Caruso only has one alternative to offer for them, have sex with each other for double the money or leave empty handed. Zach is hesitant at first, but if there's anything Caruso has learned over the years, is that once you get a straight boy hard and they're anticipating fucking some pussy, their hormones are raging, and they need the money - they can almost always be talked into some man play. Well, Zach is no different and decides to give it a shot. Hesitant at first, Caruso has Zach stroking Brett's 9 incher in no time. It soon becomes a mutual handjob that goes on until Caruso asks Zach ''do you like to get blow jobs'', and of course his answer is yes, so Brett takes his cock into his mouth and gives Zach his very first gay blow job which he appears to like. Next it's Zach's turn to suck his first cock... and what a cock it is!!! You just don't come across that many thick 9'' cocks in a lifetime - at least not on guys who are going to let you suck them. Caruso wants to know how Zach is doing and Brett says ''not too bad''. With both guys super hard, Caruso has them stand up and do a little cock fighting, which is really to give Brett the opportunity to make out with Zach. For some reason Brett is a little shy today, but eventually goes in for a kiss. At first Zach pulls back, but eventually gives in. After their short kissing session is over, we see Zach shaking his head like saying ''what have I gotten myself into''. Caruso asks Zach if he wants to get fucked or fuck, knowing of course what his answer will be. So, he has Zach slip a rubber on, and with Brett in doggy position, he penetrates the virgin's ass and pops his anal cherry without much resistance. Brett is moaning and Caruso can see there's some discomfort, so he tells Brett to get on his back instead. The boys quickly get into position and Zach pops his cock right back into Brett's hole and fucks him good. Before long we hear Brett say ''I'm gonna cum'', so we see Zach start fucking him faster and harder until Brett unloads. Zach rips off his condom and starts jacking off and soon says he's cumming as he inches up Brett's body a bit and let's his load spurt several times like what only can be described as a Super Soaker high powered water gun. The blasts of cum fly straight out of Zach's cock and hit Brett in the mouth, face, neck, shoulder and on the couch behind him! That's what you call shooting a load!



Eric Paris and Treasure Island Media bring you more of the wildest man-breeding Europe has to offer in ERIC'S RAW FUCK TAPES #5. Eric stays behind the camera this time, but there's no shortage of hot, needy little fuckholes and dominant, bull-hung studs like PETO COAST, LE BEUR, DYLAN COX and more, going at it like there's no tomorrow. There's something here for everyone, from the down 'n' dirty rest stop fuck, to the scorching poolside plow, to the to the see-it-to-believe-it threeway between three straight guys.



This straight guy faced either staying at the house or being on the streets - he chose a roof to be under, but he did not realize that he would face some consequences. After getting slapped around and humiliated, this straight 18 year old jock gets a hand job. His body and dick are perfect, and after he nuts on my hand, I rub his own cum all over his face.





And another case of a young lad, living in a nice studio apartment with good furnitures. I just don’t understand how crazy these people are. He didn’t really owe money to the government or a phone company. All his debts were to his close friends. Wondering how come he can still have friends. He even has a girlfriend. She has to be very naive to be with someone so irresponsible. Well luckily for them, I am here. Anti-debt superhero. Fully prepared with my bag of punishment filled up with various toys. With every single visit my anger is growing and I am forced to fuck them harder and harder. And I really wish his girlfriend to come in in the very same moment as I will have my dick inside his scared and tight asshole. That would be even a better wake up call…





It took almost an entire evening (four hours) for the following events to occur. The first part is the main feature, which is followed by a lot of outtakes that help you see how the feature evolved over the course of the evening. All told, this video clocks in at more than 90 minutes! (Buckle those seat belts!)

An easy challenge for Big Jake ...

I challenged our man Jake to go out and recruit new guys for us. Jamie was one of the guys that Jake found as he scouted around, looking for what he thought I'd see as the perfect guys. The only thing I forgot to tell Jake before he ventured out was that there would be a second part to the challenge. Jake figures ... 'hell how hard can it be to pass out cards and get guys to call back?'. Little did he know that was only the half of it.

Establishing the line ...

After a provocative photo shoot, Jamie agrees to do a solo jerk off video. I tell Jake that he's to come in and guide him -- as a friendly face -- and then the two of them can do a double side-by-side jerk off.

I get Jake downstairs in the bedroom with Jamie and me (he's clearly taken by surprise) and tell him what I've decided. I start joking about someone crossing the line and getting too close and watch the guy's reactions. Jamie makes it clear that he will be crossing no lines tonight but Jake isn't so quick to agree. We all laugh a bit and the two of them hop on the bed together and start watching a straight porn.

Issuing the real challenge ... (Out Takes)

I get a phone call and see it as an excuse to leave for a bit. I joke with Jamie about bringing out the mysterious 'fluffer' to help him get hard. He agrees if it can get him hard. Jake just laughs. I call Jake into the bathroom and tell him that the real challenge is to tell his new recruit what really goes on around here and what we really do. Back on video, I tell Jake once again that I'm about to leave and that it is his duty to tell his new recruit the real deal. He agrees not to sugar-coat it, but asks if he can have a drink first.

Once I'm gone, Jake starts talking to Jamie who asks 'What's the fluffer?' Jake almost chokes on his drink as he explains to Jamie that the 'fluffer' is a dude. The look on Jamie's face is priceless as he proclaims that he is not cool with that at all. But Jake doesn't give up there. He tells Jamie that he's done a few videos with other guys and that it's really not that bad. Jake builds a trust with his new recruit and assures him that it's ok and that it 'doesn't define who you really are.' Listening to Jake as he explains and justifies what he is about to ask his new recruit to do and watching as Jamie slowly becomes more comfortable with the whole idea of it all is fascinating.

I return and ask Jake on video how it went as Jamie sits listening. Jake isn't too sure how convincing he's been, but I can clearly see that Jamie is ready to move to the next level. So, I give Jake a little helping hand and talk to Jamie about it more. In this 'out takes' session we get to see how the whole night (nearly four hours) progressed into the main feature. Surprisingly Jake offers to 'help his little partner out' first. I'm as shocked by Jake's offer to suck Jamie's cock as Jamie is. Jamie agrees.

Jake crosses the line to meet the challenge ...

After it's established that Jamie is game, Jake tells him that he guesses if Jamie isn't going to cross the line first that he'll just have to cross it himself. Big Jake reaches across the line and grabs his new recruit's cock and begins stroking it. It isn't long before he comes up on his knees and takes Jamie's cock into his mouth and begins to caress it with his tongue ring, preparing to take it down his throat.

It's so erotic to watch as this big, masculine man makes love to his cute young recruit's cock. Jake, in his determination to meet the challenge, has agreed to suck cock for his very first time ever if it'll get his recruit 'in the mood'. Big Jake is sucking cock like a champ in no time and tells Jamie to jerk him off while he continues to suck him.

Eventually, as Jake sees that Jamie is comfortable with jerking him while he sucks Jamie's cock, he tells Jamie that it's time he return the favor. Jamie, eager to please his recruiter, returns the favor without hesitation and Jake talks the boy through getting him off. I give Jake the camera during this scene and let him film Jamie as his new recruit works his cock over and Jake gives him instructions. Jake finally let's loose and his nut explodes right into Jamie's accommodating mouth. Jamie doesn't flinch as Jake unloads, but the cum just oozes out all over Jamie's chest and the comforter. When Jake is finished, Jamie stands up and spits the load out on the floor.

But wait, Jamie still has to get off so Jake gets back on his knees and finishes working his recruits cock until he explodes into Jake's mouth. This has got to be one of the hottest things I've ever filmed as our big hero takes the load in his mouth and stands up and growls at the camera with a cum-covered mouth and wipes Jamie's cum all over his chest. The line has been crossed, the challenge has been met and our big hero gives his little recruit a man-sized hug.