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This straight guy faced either staying at the house or being on the streets - he chose a roof to be under, but he did not realize that he would face some consequences. After getting slapped around and humiliated, this straight 18 year old jock gets a hand job. His body and dick are perfect, and after he nuts on my hand, I rub his own cum all over his face.





And another case of a young lad, living in a nice studio apartment with good furnitures. I just don’t understand how crazy these people are. He didn’t really owe money to the government or a phone company. All his debts were to his close friends. Wondering how come he can still have friends. He even has a girlfriend. She has to be very naive to be with someone so irresponsible. Well luckily for them, I am here. Anti-debt superhero. Fully prepared with my bag of punishment filled up with various toys. With every single visit my anger is growing and I am forced to fuck them harder and harder. And I really wish his girlfriend to come in in the very same moment as I will have my dick inside his scared and tight asshole. That would be even a better wake up call…





It took almost an entire evening (four hours) for the following events to occur. The first part is the main feature, which is followed by a lot of outtakes that help you see how the feature evolved over the course of the evening. All told, this video clocks in at more than 90 minutes! (Buckle those seat belts!)

An easy challenge for Big Jake ...

I challenged our man Jake to go out and recruit new guys for us. Jamie was one of the guys that Jake found as he scouted around, looking for what he thought I'd see as the perfect guys. The only thing I forgot to tell Jake before he ventured out was that there would be a second part to the challenge. Jake figures ... 'hell how hard can it be to pass out cards and get guys to call back?'. Little did he know that was only the half of it.

Establishing the line ...

After a provocative photo shoot, Jamie agrees to do a solo jerk off video. I tell Jake that he's to come in and guide him -- as a friendly face -- and then the two of them can do a double side-by-side jerk off.

I get Jake downstairs in the bedroom with Jamie and me (he's clearly taken by surprise) and tell him what I've decided. I start joking about someone crossing the line and getting too close and watch the guy's reactions. Jamie makes it clear that he will be crossing no lines tonight but Jake isn't so quick to agree. We all laugh a bit and the two of them hop on the bed together and start watching a straight porn.

Issuing the real challenge ... (Out Takes)

I get a phone call and see it as an excuse to leave for a bit. I joke with Jamie about bringing out the mysterious 'fluffer' to help him get hard. He agrees if it can get him hard. Jake just laughs. I call Jake into the bathroom and tell him that the real challenge is to tell his new recruit what really goes on around here and what we really do. Back on video, I tell Jake once again that I'm about to leave and that it is his duty to tell his new recruit the real deal. He agrees not to sugar-coat it, but asks if he can have a drink first.

Once I'm gone, Jake starts talking to Jamie who asks 'What's the fluffer?' Jake almost chokes on his drink as he explains to Jamie that the 'fluffer' is a dude. The look on Jamie's face is priceless as he proclaims that he is not cool with that at all. But Jake doesn't give up there. He tells Jamie that he's done a few videos with other guys and that it's really not that bad. Jake builds a trust with his new recruit and assures him that it's ok and that it 'doesn't define who you really are.' Listening to Jake as he explains and justifies what he is about to ask his new recruit to do and watching as Jamie slowly becomes more comfortable with the whole idea of it all is fascinating.

I return and ask Jake on video how it went as Jamie sits listening. Jake isn't too sure how convincing he's been, but I can clearly see that Jamie is ready to move to the next level. So, I give Jake a little helping hand and talk to Jamie about it more. In this 'out takes' session we get to see how the whole night (nearly four hours) progressed into the main feature. Surprisingly Jake offers to 'help his little partner out' first. I'm as shocked by Jake's offer to suck Jamie's cock as Jamie is. Jamie agrees.

Jake crosses the line to meet the challenge ...

After it's established that Jamie is game, Jake tells him that he guesses if Jamie isn't going to cross the line first that he'll just have to cross it himself. Big Jake reaches across the line and grabs his new recruit's cock and begins stroking it. It isn't long before he comes up on his knees and takes Jamie's cock into his mouth and begins to caress it with his tongue ring, preparing to take it down his throat.

It's so erotic to watch as this big, masculine man makes love to his cute young recruit's cock. Jake, in his determination to meet the challenge, has agreed to suck cock for his very first time ever if it'll get his recruit 'in the mood'. Big Jake is sucking cock like a champ in no time and tells Jamie to jerk him off while he continues to suck him.

Eventually, as Jake sees that Jamie is comfortable with jerking him while he sucks Jamie's cock, he tells Jamie that it's time he return the favor. Jamie, eager to please his recruiter, returns the favor without hesitation and Jake talks the boy through getting him off. I give Jake the camera during this scene and let him film Jamie as his new recruit works his cock over and Jake gives him instructions. Jake finally let's loose and his nut explodes right into Jamie's accommodating mouth. Jamie doesn't flinch as Jake unloads, but the cum just oozes out all over Jamie's chest and the comforter. When Jake is finished, Jamie stands up and spits the load out on the floor.

But wait, Jamie still has to get off so Jake gets back on his knees and finishes working his recruits cock until he explodes into Jake's mouth. This has got to be one of the hottest things I've ever filmed as our big hero takes the load in his mouth and stands up and growls at the camera with a cum-covered mouth and wipes Jamie's cum all over his chest. The line has been crossed, the challenge has been met and our big hero gives his little recruit a man-sized hug.



Since almost one year Peter, one of my closest friends, asks me almost every week if he can also be the „Czech hunter“ for one scene. And as I was busy I thought it would be a good idea to let him have his chance. He is a sexy guy - a bit younger than me. So I gave him my cam, some money and also a lot of hints how to talk to the boys. To make a long story short: he went to the Christmas market and he really did it. He even tried to convince two friends for a threesome. Well, that didn't work, but at least one of them agreed to show him his dick. A huge dick by the way. Well he had a bit problems to find the right words to make him suck. But he succeeded. And the Christmas gifts he was shopping for also fit the season very well :-) What do you think about Peter?




Like every year I have the feeling that I gained a few kilos over Christmas. So I thought it might be best to find a sweetie for some hot, hard sex… that’s my special diet. But it took me a while to find Mr.Right today. The streets have been quite empty after Christmas. Then I noticed a young guy in a sporty dress who was eating his sandwich and I automatically started to imagine that his tongue was taking care of my dick instead of that boring baguette. I managed to involve him into a short „after-xmas-interview“. Some blah, blah about how much he spent for gifts etc… Enough to find out that he was broke. Bingo. I went straight to the point and offered him 5,000 CZK for a blowjob. He was not amused and about to leave. So I had only a few seconds to change his mind…



This boy was a typical case of irresponsible spending. He lost his job, stopped paying the rent, and then he took two consumer loans because of Christmas. 38 000 Crowns put together. He looked very casual about his problems. But I saw though the facade. He was desperate not to end up homeless. He even had a girlfriend which made his situation much more difficult. He refused my naughty offer at first but I eventually made him see the light. It was such a pleasure to touch his young firm body and fuck his cute little face. His room was decorated with strange motives for some reason. So I assumed it's only appropriate to introduce his ass to my cock. I made him to work his ass off for my generous help.


It was a late Thursday night and I was bored. I switched on my computer and browsed through my favorite emails from my beloved Dudes in debts. The only thing is that I never know who I pick, they just send a text email, mostly without a pic of face or whatever. But well, the vision of late night entertainment was as always stronger. So I’ve suited up and went to meet my next indebted little victim. Young, kinda good-looking with well built body. Hmmm, this is going to be fun, I’ve thought. I was amazed what a nice apartment he had and still he was in bloody debts. C’mon! After the usual sum up, I’ve proposed what I want from him in return. And to my surprise, he actually laughed.Well nice and approachable personality he had.


Unscrupulous club owner Adam Ramzi has granted go-go hopeful Leon Fox a private audition, but it’s not Fox’s dancing that he’s interested in. Ramzi sits at the bar leering at Fox, swilling whiskey, and groping the bulge growing in his pants. Without warning he pounces on the dancer, bends him over the stage and pours whiskey down his ass crack. He greedily licks Fox’s tight, booze-soaked hole then forces him on his knees and shoves his huge cock down his throat. Ramzi fucks Fox’s face then turns him around, shoves him up against the bar, and slams his cock in his ass. Ramzi fucks a load out of Fox and feeds it to him then shoots his own hot stream of jizz all over the stud’s back. Spent and covered in cum, Fox is certain his performance has landed him a job but Ramzi dismisses him with an evil grin, already thinking about his next conquest.


Me and the other House Manager gave a newer resident permission to leave for a few hours. When he finally came back he was completely late and out of control. Deciding to teach him a lesson he wouldn't forget in the morning, we made him strip down, take a shower, and then took advantage of his situation. He was so eager not to go back to prison that he let me do anything to him I wanted. After he showers, I suck his dick and eat out his virgin straight boy hole. I get him to suck me off, too. Funny thing is that this totally straight guy is fucking rock hard throughout!! Not bad for a straight guy. He probably sucked a dick or two in prison. After the oral swap, I cram my fat cock raw into his virgin ass and fuck him until I have my fill. I jizz all over this stupid guy's ass.

We have a very cute little story on our hands this time. It seems our man Claude threw a small champagne mixer at his place recently, and invited a few AD recruits. Ivan and Quentin were in attendance and hadn't met each other before the party. Apparently, they talked, sparks flew, and they approached Claude with a request: they wanted to hookup on camera as soon as Claude could arrange it! Although Ivan's a newer recruit, he seems to feel comfortable with Quentin, who starts things off right away by taking out Ivan's hard cock and putting it into his warm, salivating mouth. We catch a glimpse here of Ivan's incredibly cute smile. He throws Claude's camera a few of these throughout the video. After Quentin enjoys Ivan's fat dick, and boy is it a nice cock, Ivan goes in and returns the favor. And Ivan doesn't wanna wait too long before fucking that sweet bubble butt. Ivan lays on his back on the bed and Quentin pushes his throbbing dick into Ivan's tight, pink hole. Wow, you're gonna love the way Quentin works his way up to a good, steady fucking. He starts out nice and easy, but by the time they switch things up, Ivan is getting pounded pretty good...and loving it. Even Claude chimed in during this bang session, telling Quentin, 'Yeah, pound him hard. Make him earn his money.' When Quentin decided it was time for his own ass to get fucked, he climbed on top of Ivan and squeezed Ivan's strong erection into his hungry hole. He spreads Quentin's cheeks apart some of the time, thrusting some good force upward, giving Quentin a hell of a cock ride! Check out the way Quentin jerks his own rod as he takes Ivan deep. This very hot action led to Quentin repositioning so Ivan could really get a good rhythm happening, fucking Quentin from behind. From here we see some really awesome, passionate kissing. 'His dick is so big, oh my god. It's stretching my little ass,' Quentin tells the camera while Ivan pounds him. Finally, before they finish things off, they each get one last taste of each other's big dicks. It's a little whip cream and cherry on the top of this...well I guess you could call it a real date! Boy, I wish more dates ended with a powerful, sticky blast like this one does.




New York super hooker Killian James rarely takes calls after midnight but rent is due tomorrow so he accepts an offer of $600 to see a couple downtown. As soon as Killian walks in he meets Max Cameron who excuses himself and begins to argue with his boyfriend in the next room about money. Max returns to explain but Killian takes over – no one is getting the better of him at 3am in the morning. Instead of cash Killian considers taking the couple’s big screen TV and an expensive watch; but not before getting a taste of Max’s big cock. Max fingers Killian’s legendary hole and shoves his cock in, pounding him hard. Killian finally shoots while Max plays with this nipples then rolls over to cuddle Max while he jerks off. As he shoots Killian leans in to get a taste and spots Max’s boyfriend’s LV wallet on the bed table. Score!




NK star Shane Erickson fights newcomer Christian Wilde. Shane shows up under the weather but he decides to soldier on. First time on NK, Christian Wilde is a bad-ass but he's a smoker. Smokers get winded fast on NK. Two hot studs are ready to fight but each has his own issue. Regardless, one will be the other one's bitch for the day.


Just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter we introduce 2 of the sexiest Latin Piss models on the site to each other for the first time! Danilo is showing off his motorcycle to Alex. Although they have never met before today since they are both on our site we told Alex about Danilo's big cock. Alan wants to see for himself so he asks to see it. Danilo says that it's not hard so there is nothing to see but Alex has an idea - give him a little "help" so he offers him head! We know that Danilo is straight but we also know that he doesn't have a problem getting his big cock serviced by a guy since we have seen that before with Chico so we weren't surprised when he agrees. It was more surprising is that straight boy Allan is going to suck cock! Once he gets that thick uncut hose hard it's only a matter of time before Alex is pissing on Danilo's rock hard chest and abs! Alex decides to piss on himself and then he decides that he wants more of Danilo's huge uncut cock!


Martin is one of our most popular models so it was only a matter of time before we paired him up with another popular model Felix! Martin is a total top and once he gets hard he stays that way until he cums. First we get to enjoy both of the models getting naked outside in the exotic rainforest next to a river. Felix can't wait to get down on his knees and get that thick uncut black cock into his slutty cock sucking mouth! Martin is famous for his amazing cock and Felix is known for his amazing ability to take a cock so the pairing was only natural as you soon see in part 1 of this amazing encounter! After giving him head and getting him nice and hard Martins wants to fuck that tight ass...


Scott catches Jermey peeking in on his shower session before work. Jeremy gets caught and drowned in a slippery situation.




 EricDeman has posted a new video of a hot muscular guy filming himself jerking off. It’s horny watching his pecs bulge and twitch as he brings himself off to a satisfying orgasm.







Sometimes guys in halfway houses are just good kids who make bad decisions. Jack has always had a job and never really wanted for anything. A few DUIs on his record, though, and he was all mine. He lost his car, his job, and all his savings on lawyer fees, so he had nowhere else to go. He is definitely learning to get by in life now that he is a few rungs on the ladder lower. Another House Manager filmed Jack giving me some great head, and then me fucking the shit out of him raw. I slam fucked this 19 year old so hard that I ended up busting all over his tight pink butthole. Watch him give me a BJ and them ride my cock like a total man-whore.